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nnnever Oh come on, everyone has their own idea's for what is beautiful so don't go hating on 8 year olds(we wouldn't want them to turn like yo7
nnnever Wagerer who cares about that everyone should care animals .ore than dating who cares about people lov3ANIMALS
nnnever i can't believe 8 year olds are on this site i get if your over 13 but otherwise like wtf
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nnnever No I was close me and my boyfriend and mates wher to loud at the park and people where in bed
done that real ones cause i know someone that some and he asked me if i wanted to try them lol
nnnever Only in fake ones when I was playing with my 8 year old brother
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done that with my cousin when we were like 3/4 her and me (im also a girl) were throwing mud and hay at each other XD
done that Yes when I was young I went in the shower/bath with my parents and siblings.
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done that my brother but i couldn take one by my self i dont know what to sdo i am a year older than 6
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nnnever i never have, i want to but im the type of person that if 50 of us left I WOULD BE THE ONLY ONE TO GET CAUGHT! .
done that its so fun because everyone does work except for the people who chose done that
nnnever I would never do such a thing! I want to get into Duke or Columbia.
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done that I have because I can't breath like everyone but I can breath but my other side of my nose is don't so I have many surgeries
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done that I broke ma leg ma dad went for a kidney scan ma Mam had key hole surgery ma auntie had key hole surgery if that counts
done that I have from when I was born, and also when I had broken my femur and when I had an operation on my lung
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done that I dated some one at 9 and i am 10 and i have dated alot of poeple because evrybody likes me. One day 2 boys fighted for me
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done that i had a boyfriend in kindergarden. neither of us knew what it meant but it sounded fun and we liked each other
done that 5, he was the only one who asked me to play at the monkey bars when i was new
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nnnever I'm not. Hey, if you were previously pregnant and have children to care for then wtf are you doing on this website? lol.
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nnnever Kid, you had to have come from somewhere lmfao of course she was. Otherwise where would you have ever come from?!
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nnnever who cares what your parents think? If you want a family do it anyway.
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nnnever Yeah, right. Do you mean, "The next day I had sex?" Because you don't have daily periods. You couldn't have known until days after.
done that Yeh, I was mad when I have my period but when I don't have, I'm so woried
nnnever I have mine on 12 but now I'm 13 and have mine 5 time and its private to know
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nnnever people have done the walk of shame because of me but i never had to do it
nnnever I've done it, but not because of sex.
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done that but i did it proudly
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done that I don't remember it, but everyone says our car even turned upside down. I was tiny.
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done that I have, and I survived them although I was the on run over by a car twice :/
done that my mum crash her car because another car was coming round the corner and the two car colided