School Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that Done that, only because the teacher I had wasn't great at explaining anything.
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done that i love playing around so i don't have to do boring work
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done that Lots of liars, every kindergartener has
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nnnever Saw some 8th graders doing it with something I didn't recognize but never did it my self
done that done it and got caught but never for the sh*t we was snorting (y)
nnnever I have oh did I say that out loud ( btw I didn't I'm 8 lol )
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done that I used to use those already made papers to get an idea on what I should be writing and then I would write it in my own words. I never got caught
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nnnever When I forget to do my homework so she lets me copy and when she forgets to I let her copy
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done that Once I scratched out someone's name and mine on it lol but I got a failing grade
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done that me and my friends do and one hit the teacher but she did not notice
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done that I do it with my friends!, the other half is boring
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done that I kinda did it to my teacher I got detention
Never have I ever had a school locker completely 2 myself #school
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Never have I ever failed an exam #school
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Never have I ever got lower than a B in a class #school
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done that Only by a few months
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done that Of course I have. In kindergarten.