School Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever i never have, i want to but im the type of person that if 50 of us left I WOULD BE THE ONLY ONE TO GET CAUGHT! .
done that its so fun because everyone does work except for the people who chose done that
nnnever I would never do such a thing! I want to get into Duke or Columbia.
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done that He asked what I thought of it, I told him how it was. He respected me for saying what others wouldn't have said.
done that If they are idiots then how did they even get the job of being a teacher
nnnever Not to their face, but while they within hearing range. On purpose, yes.
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done that It was in the 3rd grade. They thought I was fat. I won the game of puberty.
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done that I thought there was something wrong with me after the third time!
done that You are not ugly. You are a beautiful person inside and outside. :)
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done that French exam, junior year : the girl in the row ahead knew I was in trouble so she let her copy highly visible for me, thanks sis' !
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done that i didnt want to tho i told the person and told the teacher i wanted a retake
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nnnever Surprised I'm in the minority, glad I'm as smart as I am
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nnnever I am lesbian and 23/28 of my teachers are females and have crushes on like 10 of them
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nnnever I've had a suspected pedophile teacher before. Everyone hated him
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nnnever thought about it thought in my mind and said yes but it was onky in my mind
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done that In other languages. My mexican friends and I liked to talk sh*t about our 6th grade science teacher in spanish and she'd never know.
nnnever i have cursed, not exactly in front of her, but she heard it. i cursed in japanese and never knew she was teaching japanese
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nnnever I'm quite convinced your teacher here was abusive in his/her years of might have wanted to report her to the authorities.
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done that I was 6 and i didnt know that when you make a joke about someone and they dont laugh
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done that to this one girl but thats it and this other girl i told her to go f u c k her self
done that didnt even know i was doing it, but few years after i did it the person told me
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nnnever Opinions aren't meant to be kept to yourself that's why they are a opinion
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done that Lots, even after kindergarten. Up until 3 grade
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nnnever If I did that they'd never let me forget it.
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done that i have insomnia and hadnt slept the night before
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nnnever I think i have one time but i dont exactly remember
done that the teacher didn't say anything
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nnnever never but i did get a bunch of detentions not a bunch maybe like 3
done that i was suspended because i refused to rat out my friends.
done that for singing he ABC's, at the top of my lungs, during silent reading time