Random Never Have I Ever Questions

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New Zealand
nnnever I can't. I don't weigh enough and I was in the UK during a particular time
United States
nnnever why do people continuously say their age, nobody cares how old you are. jfc
United States
nnnever With my anemia, it's quite hard to donate, otherwise I would.
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nnnever what the i have never done that i swear i am never taking a bath at a friends house every again
United States
done that gets washed down the drain and ur washing yourself In The shower anyways
United States
nnnever Or maybe we aren't. You wouldn't know, you don't know us.
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United States
done that dint know what that mean but i did almsot anything you can do in this universe
United States
done that I did once for my friend b-day, and we watched walking dead at 10 years old biatch
done that With my boyfriend on Skype until the birds chirped. <3
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United States
done that I was young and curious,although that can be said for alot of things i've done
done that there are fried bugs at hot topic my friend dared me to eat
done that loads of ants went in my mouth when i was eating a lolipop
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done that my leg was hurting so bad it felt like my bone broke i had to go on the ground like a baby so i can play
done that I have broken a bone 4 times I can't believe 61 percent if people haven't broken a bone
United States
done that both my arms at the same time once, a single arm 5 times and my right leg once
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done that My dog died when I was a baby his name was kadow he would not let anyone hold me but my dad but one day he died of cancer and I was in tears
United States
done that 2 friends Linda, 2 grandpas, grandma, 2 cousins, brother in-law, uncle, and great grandma. :(
done that Yea my bf today he broke up with me and I cared about him so much he didn't even love me
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United Arab Emirates
done that milk i was drinking milk after 5 min i farted my freind laughed then he let me laugh then it came out of my nose
nnnever never i was drinking choclet milk and i was lafing with my frinds at lunch but it never came out of my noes
United States
done that i wasn't laghing but i was pewking out of my nose and mouth and it was terible
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done that It was a dream and he was mean and I wanted him to go away ,I knew it ewewas a dream because I ended up waking up and on the dream he got shot in the head but ever since then I never saw him again
done that Yes when it went to heaven witch is a grave I say ok but I jumped on the grave
United States
done that My dad's dad died in front of my eyes he had a hard time breathing
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done that Yes,I was not awear when I walk up to my mom and hit her in dem face,when she got out of bed there was a red mark
United States
done that i have walked in on my parents doing something and i did not like the site when i woke up
done that At my friends house she taught I was hungry so I woke up with chips in my hand
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done that i did it once although there wasnt much snow i had some fun throwing it at my cousins and brother
done that i have it is cold and if a kid has bin in the snow how are you alive hafe of it is your child houd
done that i live in vancouver, canada WE HARDLY EVER GET SNOW but when we do im out there 24/7