Random Never Have I Ever Questions

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United Kingdom
done that when i went to the hospital and i went to a trip with nures and docters to floreda disney land and i got put on a movie and tv
done that We were told to walk behind the newsman like we were leavening even though we were entering and I was with my brother auntie uncle
done that Does it count if it was a news reporter and your face was half way in it
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United States
done that I dated some one at 9 and i am 10 and i have dated alot of poeple because evrybody likes me. One day 2 boys fighted for me
United States
done that i had a boyfriend in kindergarden. neither of us knew what it meant but it sounded fun and we liked each other
done that 5, he was the only one who asked me to play at the monkey bars when i was new
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done that I'm a yes an I'm a girl.we were on a road trip and no toilet around so yeah
done that done something like that. not on a bush but in. no pun intended. im a girl.
United States
done that Are you a girl cause I am and aparelently you are a city girl
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nnnever I sing while cleaning, washing dishes, walking around but never in the shower. In the shower, I redo arguments I had with people but this time I WIN! lol
United States
done that i have sung in the shower sometimes, i rap in the shower, and sadly thin why i dont have a girlfriend.
done that I have a grate singing voice my brother would rate it 8 and a half out of 9 and u play guitar so yes
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United Arab Emirates
nnnever i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate frog legs
United States
nnnever obviously if you say no you have never experienced the country life
done that I've ate pekedle which potato in Indonesia but crocodile in English
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nnnever This is confusing. I love to fish but do I say I've never never gone fishing or do I say I've never gone fishing?
done that I have. WiTh like my whole family. And once I fished in the ocean and cought tuna
United States
done that One of the times I remembr I caught a cat fish that was my size and I was 3yrs old
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United States
done that with my cousin when we were like 3/4 her and me (im also a girl) were throwing mud and hay at each other XD
done that Yes when I was young I went in the shower/bath with my parents and siblings.
United States
done that my brother but i couldn take one by my self i dont know what to sdo i am a year older than 6
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nnnever When I was younger before a shower I'd run around the house
United States
nnnever I did in a dream once but only cuz I knew it was a dream
United States
done that 73% your lying you were born and i hope you take baths or showers
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done that i shaved half of it and kept the other half because i was tired of my hair so i shaved it
done that I'm a girl, and I have shaved my head before. Being a girl has nothing to do with it.
United Arab Emirates
done that LoL even if you are a girl your parents shaved your head when you where a baby
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done that water gun, nerf gun, come on, some of the 75%! Have you NOT played with Nerf guns or water guns?
done that real gun or? like if it's something else but it counts as a gun then yes I have
nnnever I've shot them, but never pointed it at someone, I hope to never have to point a gun at someone