Random Never Have I Ever Questions

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New Zealand
done that I tried but didn't go far after my parents had a search party with the police department I was under the car
done that I ran away but I was in the house of my grandma. And I didn't bring some clothes. Haha.
United Kingdom
done that i was angry and when i was 7 i was walking with my mum sped up and went home by my self
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done that That makes no sense. If you never play this game you wouldn't be on it now. If it said 'Never have i ever played this game BEFORE' it would make sense
done that If you say you are playing it now, the person meant by this: Never Have I Ever played this game BEFORE.
done that The 31% of people who said no are lying, you have to be playing if you answered it
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United States
nnnever live life as you have it your going to die anyway so don't do it yet . life is to short
nnnever I wouldn't because you have things you regret but you can't run away from it
United States
nnnever I haven't have anything to be upset or mad abou that can lead to suicide.
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done that Roses are red violets are blue it is Wednesday my dudes what are those oh wait are they shoes
United States
nnnever ITS BIEBER NOT BEIBER, BIEBER! It's 2015 about to be 2016 by now I think you should get it right.
done that who has never made fun of him before. the 16% of people who said they didnt are liars to themselves
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United Kingdom
done that but like, I threatened to bury them alive because i had a picture of a girl making out with her brother
United States
done that its when you make people do what u want them to do because they didnt want to get in trouble
nnnever I would never but second thought I think I might one day to get what I want
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done that If you are 9 years old and you are a Girl, you should already now that you can be a Girl or a boy and do that. Im not saying you should do It, its bad yo do It.
done that When i was in grade 2 i got in a fight with a grade 7 and i won
United States
nnnever No, that's murder. I'm fine with suicide, but never murder!
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United States
nnnever No never or u are a murder but a toy one yeah and a toy one u are normal but real SAVAGE AND MURDER
done that i have shot a gun AR/15, 9 milometer, 40 cal, this one's not a gun but a have shot a bow
United Kingdom
nnnever nope but wish i could, when i turn 18 thats one of the things im going to do lol
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New Zealand
done that haha yeah we were doing a scary maze in the dark out at a farm and the whole time we had to hold on to this rope and one of the ropes was an electric fence
United States
nnnever My cousin was trying to jump over a fence and ended up severing an artery and had to get his leg amputated. Don't jump fences folks.
United Kingdom
done that I did it once while on a walk with friends. It wasn't on but I acted like it was. Hilarious doesn't even begin to describe it.
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United States
nnnever Are you an idiot? You blow your nose you don't shove your already filthy fingers up your damn nose.
done that I think everyone when they were younger did and if you say you didn't you lying
United States
done that those 10% are lie because they are not aware of themselves when they were babys
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done that It was 12pm and I was camping with family (and going to the Florida) and I was in Walmart in my PJ's. My brother was very weird that night
done that everyone has as u went in public when u were a baby and im sure u dont wear a bra at that age
United States
nnnever no i wouldnt do that only if i was at the beach and i was wearing a bating suit