Random Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever i hadnt finish an entire jawbreaker i dont have that why does 54 pepole don it
nnnever it is hard cause i have braces so it is extremly hard for me and my sis
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nnnever I tried for about ten minutes and then I gave up and threw it away
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nnnever Eh, I rarely go to the cinema, and when I do, I make sure its a move thats worth it
done that i did taht 2 but i, but i was watchig alice and the wanderland and batman vs superman
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done that why would you you go there to watch the video only if you are a parent and its a kid show yes
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done that in a way the 9% are lying, but you should never regret anything, because at one point, it was exactly what you wanted
done that yeah if you haven't already then you definitely haven't lived. no ones that perfect
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done that i have had a baby with someone and i regret it but my boyfriend brought him up as his own
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done that Of course, even though it's sad, cuz when ur young somethings u have one two many fish that u can't take up the responsibility
South Africa
done that I was playing with a slingshot and hit a pigeon hard in the head it flew in a fence and got pierced
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nnnever i love animals and inserts. i don't love inserts that much but, i like them
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done that That's not a near death situation! I had more than one from something larger than me smash on my head and several epileptic episodes when I hit something!
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done that Drowning on holiday but some Turkish dude save me and thank freaking god otherwise I wouldn't be on this
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done that yes once i went to a musiem and one of the robots of a dinasour pretended to bit with me in its mouth and i was 2
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done that I have because I can't breath like everyone but I can breath but my other side of my nose is don't so I have many surgeries
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done that I broke ma leg ma dad went for a kidney scan ma Mam had key hole surgery ma auntie had key hole surgery if that counts
done that I have from when I was born, and also when I had broken my femur and when I had an operation on my lung
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Russian Federation
nnnever if I can avoid a dangerous acivity, I avoid it. there is enough "natural" danger in our lives (
nnnever I've never done it but it should be my goal cause it's my name but with an E at da end
nnnever I hope to, in future. (Why do people find it scary? They have a parachute.)
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United Arab Emirates
nnnever Your mom is a lesbian
done that Yea im a girl but my gay friend wanted to go and i had nothing to do so i went with him
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nnnever I'm not gay, why would go to a gay bar? I have gone to chruch and gone to a normal bar before
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nnnever Haven't read myself but my mother used to read them for me when I was a child
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done that I am mad at those people who said never I'm nine and I've already read two
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nnnever nope got bored to kwik
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nnnever my bro did in the London Dungeon, jump scare, he was 15 and thought holding it in was okay lmfao
nnnever lol i don't think anybody on here is a robot and it's talking about when your older.
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done that I was in kindergarten laughed very hard and denied it even though everyone knew