Love Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that I did, but I had my reasons. I was in a bad relationship and had desided to break up with him after my holiday
nnnever no i love making out with my girlfriend and having sex with her
nnnever That's something no one should ever cheat on their partners
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done that i told my frends my and that i throught she was pregnat becouse se was a bich
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nnnever I have Asian parents they gon beat me up if I ask that
done that my mom asked me when we were out for diner with the entire family
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nnnever Yeah, right. Do you mean, "The next day I had sex?" Because you don't have daily periods. You couldn't have known until days after.
done that Yeh, I was mad when I have my period but when I don't have, I'm so woried
nnnever I have mine on 12 but now I'm 13 and have mine 5 time and its private to know
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nnnever and so shouldnt be legal! If i had a child even now i wouldnt be ready, who would? :/ saving it for my 20s
nnnever if your only 9, how do you know that kinda language.
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nnnever 85% of people taking this quiz aren't old enough to be engaged yet
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done that Yes i hate him but he and me wer doing a troth or dare with my frend and she made us and i neverbach away.
nnnever No but some people would have to say yes. What the sad thing is the people I'm talking about were raped
nnnever dude that bad you could be a dad and a brother
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done that Yeah he was hot and into me. But I refused. My friend was very loyal to me so no.
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nnnever My friends get boyfriends or girlfriends and I don't find them atractive
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nnnever none of my friends had/have boyfriends except one and he was a douch
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nnnever Why would you be that old wearing braces?
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nnnever if you are young enough to have braces you should not be havin sex
nnnever ive never had braces so shut up people
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done that XD I don't have a bf but I would do it. Only to regret it later :-:
nnnever same lol they heard the toilet flush and laugh then flush theirs
done that Done that with my friend from the other gender
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done that Loved it but yo have to do it with someone special
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nnnever ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so so so so so so so so so funy
nnnever never have I ever made out.
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nnnever If I did I would be cheating on my boyfriend
done that I was 9 though so I don't think it counts
done that i flinch when i think about it