Love Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever i never even went on a date with someone let alone be their girlfriend
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done that yes i did i cheated on him with a sexy and rich youtuber
done that once i had like a kid relationship but it wouldnt work so i dumped them
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done that The only people safe from this are the people with no friends, aromantic asexuals, and gay people.
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done that im a guy and she's a girl. a very hot girl with very nice curves. she rejected me.
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nnnever I never like any of my friends, its always people I dont talk to.
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done that i did,but realized i didnt regret it anymore.What's done is done.
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nnnever never regeret something that once made you smile :)
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nnnever okay, so why do you do it if you regret it! wtf?
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nnnever no thats mean i would never do that i would prefer my heart to be broken
nnnever I wont ever do that to someone because I dont want to be a bad person
nnnever a toy heart? or a heart heart? i know the answer. heart heart
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done that My bf Ethan he is so hot and I love him and I am in 5tg grade losers without bfs @age 30
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done that On a amv before i even watched the anime or knew anything about it XD 2D LOVE COUNTS OK
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nnnever yes i met him through ova and he goes by the name samir aziz
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nnnever i dont know, i have my suspicion, but im not sure if she cheated on me or not
done that My second ever bf I was 15 he cheated on me and I also cheated on h though
done that my ex boyfriend cheated on me twice while we were together
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done that Why do people think this is rude or mean it has to be done if you don't like them in that way
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done that The person I turned down doesn't take 'no' for a answer and is now my boyfriend.
done that only cuz they people who asked me were super desperate and i had no time for them
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done that does it count if i was playing truth or dare in a leaky tent?
nnnever I wish. That would be so damn romantic.
nnnever i'd rather drink nail polish remover
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nnnever I wish I could though :( but she's the one that has to decide that she wants a relationship again :(
done that I've dated this person 4 times and had sex with her cuz she asked for it lmao
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done that I'm only 12 and dated someone 3 times after I broke up wit him 3 times
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done that It was graduation, and this one girl only gave me a pity flower because she saw I had none while my friends had loads
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nnnever I'm a dude. and sadly nobody's ever given me flowers :( I've given many people flowers though :)
done that A boy that likes me in my birthday but he gave me them in front of everyone