Law Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever nah mate , your not savage, i bet you dont know what it means bro
done that Punched a kid in the face because he was being a jerk to my gf
United States
done that Never got caught but I definitely won't be doing it again
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United States
done that once but I gave a tip in the box because ether caught me
United States
done that my uncle did it with us to 3 movies that day
nnnever how can you write if you have 1
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done that Probably when I was 3 but I can't remember clearly. A toy fork
United States
nnnever If My Brother Counts As A Friend Then Yes
Puerto Rico
done that yup but notihng that is very importint to them
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done that Have my gay boifriend he was my boyfriend i found out hes a gay and other people
done that got it right. was the year her celebrity crush was born
done that mi hermana divino la clave de mi computadora
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United Kingdom
done that They told us our neighbour would complain about the noise, our neighbour was at the party!
United States
nnnever Nope but a cop show up at my house cause I got health problems
New Zealand
done that friend's party i ran away to the diary haha
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nnnever I was drinking Pepsi on the bumper cars lol
United States
nnnever I don't even have a drivers license, let alone a car.
done that Yea on my mom and drinking orange juce
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United States
nnnever Why is it so unbelievable that I have never shoplifted? Some people work hard for the money and earn the things they own.
Virgin Islands, U.S.
done that Candy but I was a kid and I didn't know that I was doing it at the time.
United States
done that i forgot to pay for the sweater i was wearing at walmart
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nnnever I'm a law-abiding citizen, so no.
done that I got lot problems with cops (13)
United States
nnnever you're not very smart
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nnnever Thank god I didn't go to jail cuz if I did I'd prob drop the soap, not fun.
United Kingdom
nnnever to visit my brother and that's about it but never i am 12
United States
done that NEver have i ever not had prison sex.
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United States
done that I was like 10 and this cop comes up to me and I thought I was in trouble and ran away
United States
done that I have, but he was my uncle and I was scared of him(I was very young then) XP
United States
done that my cousin and I were playing a game and he is a cop so