Law Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that i did it and i was 9 my mom saw my eyes and they where so red she was like wtf son why are your eyes like that i then i was like i don't know
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done that I kinda did these potheads were smoking near me and I think I might've inhaled the smoke so I said yea
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done that yea its awesome i thought the whales were caving ing in while i was haveing sex it was great
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nnnever No I was close me and my boyfriend and mates wher to loud at the park and people where in bed
done that real ones cause i know someone that some and he asked me if i wanted to try them lol
nnnever Only in fake ones when I was playing with my 8 year old brother
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done that Until recently I was a very angry person. I would lose the rag quite easily. At that time there were many people I felt that way about.
done that yea it's 3 people and its Ben and Dion (da twins) and my enemy that I'm at war w/ Toby
done that sometimes i get so mad at people i want to crush them in the palm of my hand
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done that I don't remember it, but everyone says our car even turned upside down. I was tiny.
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done that I have, and I survived them although I was the on run over by a car twice :/
done that my mum crash her car because another car was coming round the corner and the two car colided
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done that And I wish I never had. Don't drink and drive. It is NOT worth it.
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nnnever I can't drive and that's dangerous.So no drinking and driving .
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done that You don't get diabetes from drinking and driving. That's eating way to much sugar
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done that yeah at those things where they let u go inside their cars and sometimes let u honk the horn
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done that When I was younger they brought a bunch of police vehicles for the kids to learn about them
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done that when we where in kindergarten we got to go inside if that counts but not for no crimes
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done that medicine is a type of drug, they shoud be more specific with this otherwise that 62% would be a lot lower I believe
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done that Medicines are drugs. Freaking liars. Cough and cold syrups are drugs.
nnnever why 34 persons thats weird if they where a baby dont give them to them
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done that i had sex whith my girlfriend it was nice couse girls are hot with big huge tities
done that Pen and pencil from my teacher and a make up bag from a frend
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done that I was like 6 and then cried for days because I thought I was going to jail
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done that It wasn't that bad, but it was old so insurance refused to pay
done that Dont care only 13 im 12 and i can drive not even so hard
nnnever You don't have to. You can total anyone's car.
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nnnever when you write on something that ay yours baicicaly
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nnnever does a crayon at the age of seven count?
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done that wrote "damn daniel" on a pole, #soznotsoz