Drinking Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever My parents used to buy it for me and now I'm old enough. Win.
nnnever i dont ever want to drink. i saw what it does to people *dad* *mom*
done that i ate ma gold fish. Now hes a part of me
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nnnever lets be wife and [whatever gender you are] partner of the wife
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done that Yup and I continued drinking when I woke up which was a bad idea
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done that Drunk naked and next to my sons naked teacher
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done that It was my cousin and so I had sex and she didn't do anything when die woke up and she is 13 and I am 10
United Arab Emirates
nnnever If I had done that I wold not be here on my iPhone doing this thumbs up if you are with me
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nnnever y would my head be in a toilet!?
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done that i have i made them for my mom (im 13)
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nnnever i've never made them but I've had them. I like them
nnnever sounds great!
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nnnever lmao who would do this sh*t whoever has is wierd
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done that sometimes when i record :(
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done that What are body shots?
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nnnever U know drugs are bad for u and I'm nine and I'm doing this for a YouTube video
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nnnever im a kid and i am 8 so i never got drunk or didnt know where i lived
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nnnever I mean I'm only doing I have or have not for YouTube
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done that The people who said never clearly havent got drunk enough to the point where they're throwing up like every 5 minutes.
nnnever Boi learn how to not swear yeah the one that said btf
done that Did that myself.
Never have I ever found liptick stains the morning after (on the toilet seat) #drinking
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Never have I ever took drugs 'cause of my friends #drinking
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Never have I ever consumed half a bottle of Barefoot Merlot on a Wednesday morning in Waimea, Hawaii #drinking
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