Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that Yes and we were both nude as s
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done that i have done it with my friend's boyfriend
done that Yea. My friend's Husband
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done that I have made more sex tapes then I know what to do if
done that my bro and i were so cute i came so much he did in my mouth 2
done that hneh hey gryn yeb htgwu tgt yhtun yhe dgybn riojhn e
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done that i love to but they never send any in return
done that yes i have but i didn't share them i deleted them
nnnever i not in to nudes because if you ever break up
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done that they couldnt handle how many partners i had or variety
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done that i found out tht i was bi and i lied to everyone about it
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done that told some people i'm a virgin so i don't get in trouble
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done that Never much for lubes, I soak everything
nnnever whats the use of lubes anyways
nnnever wtf did you use if you didn't?
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nnnever But I've jerked it in the lavatory of a plane a few times
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done that Once in my seat with my gram. But she said it don't count.
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nnnever why did i go on the dirty category? Im a virgin
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done that I was 13 i saw my teachers phone wrote down his number and some girl he liked dyed my hair and wore loads of makeup so i was unreconisable i asked to come to mine and do it and he did nobody every knew it was me
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done that I did dream about I did it and she was hot
done that I have, but it wasn't even one of the hot teachers! :(
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done that whip cream, chocolate syrup, honey,ice cream
done that My bf and I have done this a thew times
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nnnever how was it
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done that Thats the only way my gf can wake me up if im not up before hef
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nnnever i think my nbrother did it but i said no beacuse im not sure
done that My ex-wife, ex-girlfriend's, my mother, my friend,
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nnnever the only mathematical way for someone to be 8 years older than you and be twice your age would make them 16 and yourself 8. Which is pedophilia
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nnnever That's probably because in my country he would go to jail for that.
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done that My boyfriend is 20 years older than me LOL