Never have I ever got/given oral

26% have never ever. 74% have totally done that.


done that Both and i was underage i did it on my teacher
nnnever i only eat halal meat
done that I love giving blowjob so much
United Kingdom
done that Same I was forced to do it
United States
done that I am underage more than you
done that what do you think lesbian sex is
done that Once but I was forced to do it
done that i gave bruce forsyth a suckie!
United Kingdom
done that By your nan
done that given my gf a bj
done that edgelord over here
United States
done that Gave one to my brother once
nnnever i would lova blow job
done that my mom gave me one
United States
done that I have given them
nnnever but i want it
United States
nnnever Wtf is wrong with you O.o
United States
done that get and give often
United Kingdom
done that yeah lmao
done that to my uncle
Faroe Islands
nnnever what is oral
United States
done that taylor has
United States
nnnever not yet :3
United Kingdom
done that i dug in