Never have I ever caught my parents doing it

65% have never ever. 35% have totally done that.


done that I have walked in on my parents it was werid af
done that I was a child , they were next to me R.I.P
United States
done that oh yeah i caught them in the bathtub and bed
nnnever ive only heard them, and that was bad enough
United Kingdom
done that i heard it but i did a 180 like no. not today
United States
done that No but I do it with my parents
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done that many times, they liked being watched
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done that i never saw them (thank god) but i heard them
done that then i joined them
done that I was having sex with my partner
United States
nnnever ive heard them shaking the bed
done that I was like 6 or something
done that I did but wasnt caught
United Kingdom
nnnever Thank god no
done that it twas on the coutch :c
done that in the shower
done that i watched it a lot of times
United States
nnnever Thank the Lord no
done that Scars me
United Kingdom
nnnever Luckily not