Never have I ever lied to avoid a ticket

80% have never ever. 20% have totally done that.


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done that I was seven and my seat belt was unbuckled. It's ridiculous that you'd get a ticket for your kid not wearing a seat belt.
nnnever depends how much the ticket was because a childs safety is very important
nnnever This fake I said no and they said yes it is so my mom payed for a real one
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nnnever Even I did drive I wouldnt. But, its unlikely Id get a ticket anyway.
done that had to convince my mom to lie, but it worked
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nnnever i have, and i he ran and tackled me!
nnnever My dad probably did that once.
nnnever But they said Is tghi
nnnever how does that work
nnnever im only 15 so nope
nnnever I don't drive
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nnnever my mom has
done that it worked
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nnnever nah cant drive )
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done that and failed
nnnever youre so old
nnnever nah can't drive
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done that im a police
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nnnever mother has though
nnnever cant drive :l
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nnnever why the flip you lieing
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nnnever never had a ticket
done that Yes, On
done that You are a police
done that From Manela