Never have I ever been arrested

87% have never ever. 13% have totally done that.


United States
nnnever How come it's okay for girls to pick on guys but not okay for guys to pick on girls?
United States
nnnever I'm a law-abiding citizen, so no.
done that I got lot problems with cops (13)
United States
nnnever you're not very smart
United States
done that it was during a game though
nnnever No if I was I would say ur face
United States
nnnever my dad have tho
United States
nnnever dsvdsvdsv
United States
done that Couple of times
United Kingdom
done that even got a sentence
nnnever my dad has to
done that Lol I have tb now
done that plenty of times
done that i was at your age lol
nnnever fake tho
nnnever In roblox
United Kingdom
done that They was toys
nnnever Brother has true
Saudi Arabia
done that in a game
United States
nnnever v rkfnfvknmwlfad
nnnever im only 15 so nope
nnnever im to litl
United States
done that roblox lmao