Never have I ever talked my way out of a traffic ticket

84% have never ever. 16% have totally done that.


done that I always help my dad do so. And my mum doesn't get tickets as she's a diplomat.
nnnever I would never do that in my whole entire life
United States
done that I can be very seductive
United States
done that Flashed my tits.
done that My family did it
Faroe Islands
nnnever i rhink so?
United Kingdom
done that i do it every time
United Kingdom
nnnever it's a drinking game idiot
United States
nnnever Wow, that's crazy
nnnever Me have no car
nnnever cant drive
United Kingdom
nnnever My dad did
nnnever i cant drive
United States
nnnever I tried but failed
nnnever yrotltotlo
done that Had sex to get out
United Kingdom
nnnever it's a drinking game
United States
nnnever i wouldnt do that
United States
nnnever my mom has
United States
done that Every time ;)
nnnever I dont drive
United States
nnnever Um im 13
United States
nnnever Dont drive.