Never have I ever run from a police officer

76% have never ever. 24% have totally done that.


United States
done that I was like 10 and this cop comes up to me and I thought I was in trouble and ran away
United States
done that I have, but he was my uncle and I was scared of him(I was very young then) XP
United States
done that my cousin and I were playing a game and he is a cop so
nnnever i have never because they are always hot
done that I didn't wear a helmet while i was bicycleing
New Zealand
nnnever Fam, u Gon be the only one who's done that lmao
done that I walked away if that counts.
done that im only 9yearsold so yeah f no
United States
done that They weren't after me but I got scared
done that Yes, only he wasn't on duty.
United States
nnnever my friends dad is a cop
United States
done that Does campus security count?
United States
done that i was 4 or 5
United States
nnnever they run from me
nnnever guit lting
done that if u count my dad
done that i did not
United Kingdom
done that dont taze me bro
done that i aint ever going back!
United States
nnnever i never did anything wrong
done that Target security gard
nnnever cant do it
New Zealand
nnnever never done anything wrong!
done that si, en GTA 5 xD
done that my uncle
done that about 5 times
United Kingdom
nnnever i wouldnt dare
done that Hahahahahah
done that ak mah life