Never have I ever screwed around in an elevator

72% have never ever. 28% have totally done that.


done that i did fingered a girl but never realy screwed her in a elevator
United States
done that wait sex or like acting drunk and twerking
done that Yeah and i didnt even know the guy
United States
nnnever what do they mean by screwd around?
United States
nnnever it was wrong on so many levels
United States
done that going down. get it?
done that Bf fingered me in the back of elevator
done that lmao if ya know what i mean
United States
nnnever Why is this a thing
United States
nnnever fifty shades
United States
nnnever I am so weak
United States
nnnever *ding* Going up
nnnever they have cameras, so no
nnnever yea when i was 5
done that where do you live?
United Kingdom
done that it was nice
United States
nnnever i was scared
nnnever they scare me :(
nnnever fake and gay.