Never have I ever slept in a bed with more than 5 people

61% have never ever. 39% have totally done that.


done that only with friends and my baby brother but not any crushes even though I have nun
United States
done that And I did with 4 of my boyfriends name lucas markes cyruc diruse
United Kingdom
done that The nursery rhyme I would say I would be the cowXDIM
United States
done that I have 7 siblings, so not very weird for my family
done that My cousins (boy cousin) Im boy
done that but we werent doing that lol
United States
done that at an orgy in king size bed
done that l;em jyb yhein gb ty u7sbub t
nnnever Then why are you here?
United States
done that Yeah as a party with my firends
United States
done that Not sexual tho
United States
done that Yes but nothing dirty
nnnever i have but we did have it
done that I'm doing it right now
done that they were 8 and we were drunk
done that Yes hardc
done that Yea wit family
done that Oh please.
done that but it wasn't sexual
United States
nnnever bruh never I can't
United States
done that My cousins
nnnever my mom :*