Never have I ever done the "walk of shame"

55% have never ever. 45% have totally done that.


United States
done that Many many times. Guys are lucky. Their walk of shame isn't so shameful
nnnever people have done the walk of shame because of me but i never had to do it
nnnever I've done it, but not because of sex.
United States
done that but i did it proudly
United States
done that I'm not shameful and I'm a girl
done that i walked it down with pride
nnnever you are right dude
nnnever What a bad person.
United States
done that Anal is worth it
United States
done that Proudly, I have
United States
done that several times
United Kingdom
nnnever what even is that
done that hahaha every day
done that more like the "drive of shame"
done that its not shameful though
done that lots of times from the bus
done that 15 times
done that Many, many, many times
done that i have on computer game