Never have I ever been fooling around with someone and had a cop stop and ask "is everything alright here"

81% have never ever. 19% have totally done that.


done that yeah cop showed up to ask why i was scearmimg my bf name
United Kingdom
done that Sadly yes as the women was moaning so much in her dad's car
United States
done that the cop joined we went to his house
nnnever what delightful discovery
nnnever bad luck for the 19%
done that security guard, SO awkward !
United States
done that it was at 3 am
nnnever over share
United States
nnnever security gaurd
United States
nnnever I don't do it in the car.
nnnever Y is everyone here so young
nnnever do you want a mango
nnnever Not a cop, but a friend.
United States
nnnever that sounds great!
New Zealand
nnnever yea he joined in
United States
done that fun times