Never have I ever had an STD

88% have never ever. 12% have totally done that.


United Kingdom
done that Nope and surprised at how many women I have f wirh out perfection
United Kingdom
done that it was so sad, so many warts :(
done that i had it but then my f dad broke it
United Kingdom
nnnever what dose that mean
United States
nnnever never had sex
done that same here haha
nnnever No I never had
nnnever oh i never had
United States
done that Hpv- the lame mans aids lol
United States
nnnever Can't confirm.
done that amit sux dick
nnnever Nope clean I think
nnnever not that I know of
nnnever I might?
nnnever What's that
United Kingdom
done that I've had loads
United States
done that i love it
nnnever Not as I know