Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that but like, I threatened to bury them alive because i had a picture of a girl making out with her brother
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done that its when you make people do what u want them to do because they didnt want to get in trouble
nnnever I would never but second thought I think I might one day to get what I want
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done that Duh when I gtg to a funeral I got to get a iPhone when I was going to get a iPhone when I was 13
done that iphone 5 and iphone 5s and iphone 6 and iphone 6s and iphone 7 and 7plus
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nnnever i have one right now texting my girlfriend doing this bs
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done that Yes and then my arms my legs my body that everything broken like my soul
nnnever How can you answer that if you already did, you already dead man
nnnever if i did that , im not sure that i would be here right now
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done that my leg was hurting so bad it felt like my bone broke i had to go on the ground like a baby so i can play
done that I have broken a bone 4 times I can't believe 61 percent if people haven't broken a bone
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done that both my arms at the same time once, a single arm 5 times and my right leg once
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done that I was young and curious,although that can be said for alot of things i've done
done that there are fried bugs at hot topic my friend dared me to eat
done that loads of ants went in my mouth when i was eating a lolipop
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done that I'm a yes an I'm a girl.we were on a road trip and no toilet around so yeah
done that done something like that. not on a bush but in. no pun intended. im a girl.
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done that Are you a girl cause I am and aparelently you are a city girl
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done that i had sex whith my girlfriend it was nice couse girls are hot with big huge tities
done that Pen and pencil from my teacher and a make up bag from a frend
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done that I was like 6 and then cried for days because I thought I was going to jail
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done that I don't speak Spanish but I know exactly one curse word and I think I used it in a pun once
done that I do so they can't know what I mean yo le habla en enspanol btw I'm a Peruvian they speak Spanish
nnnever Never met a spanish dude before. I may have in English, but I don't swear anymore.
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United Arab Emirates
done that milk i was drinking milk after 5 min i farted my freind laughed then he let me laugh then it came out of my nose
nnnever never i was drinking choclet milk and i was lafing with my frinds at lunch but it never came out of my noes
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done that i wasn't laghing but i was pewking out of my nose and mouth and it was terible
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done that It was in the 3rd grade. They thought I was fat. I won the game of puberty.
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done that I thought there was something wrong with me after the third time!
done that You are not ugly. You are a beautiful person inside and outside. :)