Never Have I Ever Questions

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nnnever live life as you have it your going to die anyway so don't do it yet . life is to short
nnnever I wouldn't because you have things you regret but you can't run away from it
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nnnever I haven't have anything to be upset or mad abou that can lead to suicide.
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Russian Federation
nnnever if I can avoid a dangerous acivity, I avoid it. there is enough "natural" danger in our lives (
nnnever I've never done it but it should be my goal cause it's my name but with an E at da end
nnnever I hope to, in future. (Why do people find it scary? They have a parachute.)
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nnnever I sing while cleaning, washing dishes, walking around but never in the shower. In the shower, I redo arguments I had with people but this time I WIN! lol
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done that i have sung in the shower sometimes, i rap in the shower, and sadly thin why i dont have a girlfriend.
done that I have a grate singing voice my brother would rate it 8 and a half out of 9 and u play guitar so yes
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done that water gun, nerf gun, come on, some of the 75%! Have you NOT played with Nerf guns or water guns?
done that real gun or? like if it's something else but it counts as a gun then yes I have
nnnever I've shot them, but never pointed it at someone, I hope to never have to point a gun at someone
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United Arab Emirates
nnnever Your mom is a lesbian
done that Yea im a girl but my gay friend wanted to go and i had nothing to do so i went with him
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nnnever I'm not gay, why would go to a gay bar? I have gone to chruch and gone to a normal bar before
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done that And I wish I never had. Don't drink and drive. It is NOT worth it.
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nnnever I can't drive and that's dangerous.So no drinking and driving .
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done that You don't get diabetes from drinking and driving. That's eating way to much sugar
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nnnever Are you an idiot? You blow your nose you don't shove your already filthy fingers up your damn nose.
done that I think everyone when they were younger did and if you say you didn't you lying
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done that those 10% are lie because they are not aware of themselves when they were babys
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done that I don't know but I have dated in Kindergarten adn I don't how old the boy was and how would I remember how old he was
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done that I was eight years old and I dated a twenty-year old online. Hey, kids, DON'T ONLINE DATE!
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done that dint know what that mean but i did almsot anything you can do in this universe
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done that I did once for my friend b-day, and we watched walking dead at 10 years old biatch
done that With my boyfriend on Skype until the birds chirped. <3
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New Zealand
done that I tried but didn't go far after my parents had a search party with the police department I was under the car
done that I ran away but I was in the house of my grandma. And I didn't bring some clothes. Haha.
United Kingdom
done that i was angry and when i was 7 i was walking with my mum sped up and went home by my self