Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that I did before a party where I was hoping to get some (I didn't lol)
nnnever i am a girl i am 8 years old my name is jayden ilive in irland
nnnever If you shave it itches a lot later. Or so I have heard
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done that Of course, even though it's sad, cuz when ur young somethings u have one two many fish that u can't take up the responsibility
South Africa
done that I was playing with a slingshot and hit a pigeon hard in the head it flew in a fence and got pierced
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nnnever i love animals and inserts. i don't love inserts that much but, i like them
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done that i shaved half of it and kept the other half because i was tired of my hair so i shaved it
done that I'm a girl, and I have shaved my head before. Being a girl has nothing to do with it.
United Arab Emirates
done that LoL even if you are a girl your parents shaved your head when you where a baby
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done that That's not a near death situation! I had more than one from something larger than me smash on my head and several epileptic episodes when I hit something!
United Kingdom
done that Drowning on holiday but some Turkish dude save me and thank freaking god otherwise I wouldn't be on this
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done that yes once i went to a musiem and one of the robots of a dinasour pretended to bit with me in its mouth and i was 2
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done that i did it and i was 9 my mom saw my eyes and they where so red she was like wtf son why are your eyes like that i then i was like i don't know
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done that I kinda did these potheads were smoking near me and I think I might've inhaled the smoke so I said yea
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done that yea its awesome i thought the whales were caving ing in while i was haveing sex it was great
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done that If you are 9 years old and you are a Girl, you should already now that you can be a Girl or a boy and do that. Im not saying you should do It, its bad yo do It.
done that When i was in grade 2 i got in a fight with a grade 7 and i won
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nnnever No, that's murder. I'm fine with suicide, but never murder!
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nnnever No never or u are a murder but a toy one yeah and a toy one u are normal but real SAVAGE AND MURDER
done that i have shot a gun AR/15, 9 milometer, 40 cal, this one's not a gun but a have shot a bow
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nnnever nope but wish i could, when i turn 18 thats one of the things im going to do lol
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done that Until recently I was a very angry person. I would lose the rag quite easily. At that time there were many people I felt that way about.
done that yea it's 3 people and its Ben and Dion (da twins) and my enemy that I'm at war w/ Toby
done that sometimes i get so mad at people i want to crush them in the palm of my hand
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nnnever my bro did in the London Dungeon, jump scare, he was 15 and thought holding it in was okay lmfao
nnnever lol i don't think anybody on here is a robot and it's talking about when your older.
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done that I was in kindergarten laughed very hard and denied it even though everyone knew
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done that My dog died when I was a baby his name was kadow he would not let anyone hold me but my dad but one day he died of cancer and I was in tears
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done that 2 friends Linda, 2 grandpas, grandma, 2 cousins, brother in-law, uncle, and great grandma. :(
done that Yea my bf today he broke up with me and I cared about him so much he didn't even love me