Love Never Have I Ever Questions

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done that That is so nice! I always spit in their mouths
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done that boredom is not my friend >.>
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done that to this day, don't even know his name
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nnnever Don't have an ex but I would do that
done that bro im 12 and have never dated in my life
nnnever damn it i was only 12!
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nnnever Nobody cares how old you are, hit never and move on
done that Your an idiot person from Texas
nnnever I'm two years older than you
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done that I don't think so but I had sex when I was in Pre-K
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nnnever If you're 9, you shouldn't be on the Internet XD
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done that To my parents not to someone I liked
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nnnever nope, none of my friends have had partners except one and he was a douch and broke her heart
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done that ifantisised about my cousin every night and now we are a couple
done that they told me they did about me and i cant get mad about that lol
Never have I ever kissed a girl #love
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Never have I ever dated #love
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Never have I ever had my neck bitten or kissed #love
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Never have I ever received my first kiss #love
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done that Who's the first male?