Never have I ever stood outside a convenience store trying to find a non-minor to buy me alcohol

84% have never ever. 16% have totally done that.


nnnever My parents used to buy it for me and now I'm old enough. Win.
nnnever i dont ever want to drink. i saw what it does to people *dad* *mom*
done that i ate ma gold fish. Now hes a part of me
nnnever I hated alcohol when I was a minor
nnnever Ha. I live in a country with no age limits.
New Zealand
nnnever I haven't clicked on "done that" yet
done that its weird how more people haven't done this
United States
nnnever Wtf why would someone do that?!?
United States
nnnever i did it for cigs tho
nnnever Why wud i do dat?
nnnever im a girl thats 10
United States
nnnever who would do that
nnnever im not desperate
done that And that is relevant how?
United Kingdom
nnnever I can get it myself
United States
nnnever what if it was an undercover cop lol
nnnever Never se
United States
nnnever Parents are awesome like tht
United Kingdom
nnnever I've done it for friends
nnnever 18% are losers
done that To get alcohol?
United States
done that to get alcohol dipsh*t
United States
nnnever seriously?
United States
nnnever hey im 18
nnnever no thanks