Never have I ever had a crush on a friend's parent

81% have never ever. 19% have totally done that.


United States
nnnever If I did I would be cheating on my boyfriend
done that I was 9 though so I don't think it counts
done that Definition of a firecracker milf
done that i flinch when i think about it
nnnever on of my friends did in fifth grade but he was weird
United States
nnnever that would be wired when you are around them
nnnever ive done that for about5
done that wow I'm 12 ha ha ha he he he
done that not a parent, but a relative yes
United States
nnnever never had a crush
Faroe Islands
nnnever no i'm 10 dude!
United States
nnnever no im not gay or anything
United States
nnnever You are savage
United Kingdom
done that Hey whats up
done that she had a hot dad
United States
nnnever Why would you like a grown up
done that that was a nice milf
United States
done that yea then we had SEX
done that yes and I'm 12
nnnever Has got it going on
nnnever no u wierdo
nnnever That would be so weird
nnnever So American Beauty
nnnever I hate old pepole
United States
nnnever what do mean yes but no
nnnever nah im 10
United States
nnnever I'm not dome
Hong Kong
done that yes but no
United States
done that She was 20 and hot
done that yes a hot policeman
nnnever nou wierdo
nnnever no thats wierd!
nnnever who would
United States
nnnever im only 12 wtf
done that Kashawna
nnnever i dont know
done that Yes but no
United States
nnnever wow oh wow
done that like a baby